Whoa.. CNN Eats Crow & Finally Admits the Truth About Trump — Viewers in SHOCK…

Some thought they would never see the day, but hosts on CNN have done the think unthinkable and said something supportive of our President! And no, hell hasn’t frozen over and pigs aren’t flying, at least as far as I can tell.

“I’m sure I’m gonna get hit for this, and I don’t really care,” CNN’s chief political correspondent Dana Bash said on “Wolf” with Wolf Blitzer before defending President Trump’s actions last week. “This is the presidency that many people thought Donald Trump was capable of…This is what people who had high hopes for the Trump presidency thought it would be,” she said after watching the President discuss DACA and border wall issue for almost an hour.

“We’ve all covered a lot of photo ops for the sake of bringing the cameras in to send an image around the world. That’s not what this was, and we are as skeptical as they come,” she went on to say, telling viewers that she believed Trump was a genuine dealmaker who actively wanted to listen to all sides of the immigration issue and work to get things done. She the whole thing here.

It looks like even those who swore to fight against our President tooth and nail are finally starting to come around and realize that, despite all the rhetoric hurled against him, Trump is the best thing this country has seen in a long time. And it is hard to argue with the results too. Despite leftist assurances that they would never return, jobs are pouring back into the country at the rate of over a hundred thousand per month, middle-class Americans are receiving bonuses for the first time in years thanks to tax reform, and America is steadily earning back its long-lost respect on the world stage. So think about that next time when of your liberal friends has something bad to say about our Commander in Chief!

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