TRUMP SENDS IN THE FEDS – Sanctuary City Leaders to Be Arrested

BREAKING: Sanctuary city officials all over the country are in full panic mode after learning that they may soon end up in prison.

Liberal leaders all over the U.S. have proudly recently declared their cities to be “sanctuary cities,” meaning that they would be safe havens for illegal aliens. Now, however, a top official is calling for these sanctuary city officials to be prosecuted, as they are hindering Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials from doing their jobs.

“There needs to be some consequence for having a sanctuary policy,” Jessica Vaughn, Director of Policy Studies for the Center for Immigration Studies, told Breitbart.

“Sanctuary policies,” she added, “are killing Americans.”

Vaughn then called on the federal government to strip at least some federal funding from state and local governments with “sanctuary” policies.

“The other thing that [the federal government is] trying to do is to deny certain federal law enforcement grants to sanctuary jurisdictions, whether they’re cities, states, counties; they’re trying to make these grants off-limits for sanctuaries, which makes sense,” she said. “Why should a jurisdiction get taxpayer money for law enforcement when they’re stiffing one of the biggest law enforcement agencies of the federal government. They shouldn’t. There needs to be some consequence for having a sanctuary policy. … Hopefully the federal government will be able to deny them some funding.”

Vaughn went on to say that the federal government should consider prosecuting state and local officials who implement and enforce “sanctuary policies” violative of federal law. She explained that victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens shielded by “sanctuary policies” should considering suing “sanctuary jurisdictions” for damages.

Vaughn also argued that Congress should “pass some laws that would facilitate imposing consequences” on “sanctuary” jurisdictions, as well as politicians and officials implementing them.

“California has become the new Confederacy, now,” observed Breitbart’s Rebecca Mansour. “We’re just deciding that we’re not going to listen to the federal government. We’re essentially firing on Fort Sumpter, here.”

“People are literally dying because of these policies,” said Vaughn, referring to the Americans who have been killed by illegal immigrants being shielded by sanctuary policies.

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