Trump Burns Jeff Sessions Like He’s Soaked in Gasoline

President Trump has renewed his criticism of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Department of Justice under his impotent leadership. Amid growing tensions over Sessions’ refusal to act as Trump’s surrogate at the DOJ, the president took to his Twitter account on Wednesday.

Lambasting Sessions’ tacit approval of Arizona’s licensing DACA recipients, the 45th President of the United States thought the issue should have gone before the Supreme Court.

Here’s the scoop per Fox News:

President Trump on Wednesday dinged his own Justice Department for not urging the Supreme Court to take up a case involving driver’s licenses for young illegal immigrants.

“Department of Justice should have urged the Supreme Court to at least hear the Drivers License case on illegal immigrants in Arizona,” the president tweeted Wednesday. “I agree with @LouDobbs. Should have sought review.”

The Supreme Court on Monday said it is rejecting Arizona’s plea to stop issuing driver’s licenses to young immigrants known as “Dreamers” who are protected from deportation.

The Trump administration’s solicitor general urged the Supreme Court not to hear the appeal, saying the questions in the case “have been overtaken by events.”

The Trump administration is trying to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, but has been blocked by federal courts.

On Fox Business’ “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” Dobbs criticized the Trump administration for not pushing the high court to take up the issue. 

“The Trump administration, where was it?” Dobbs said on his show Tuesday night. “The Trump administration urging the Supreme Court not to hear the appeal at all, saying the questions in the case ‘have been overtaken by events.’ Are you kidding me?”

And here’s more from Bloomberg:

Sessions’s standing improved after his Friday night firing of Andrew McCabe, who the president and some Republicans have accused of anti-Trump bias.

The attorney general’s fate has been up in air for months, and questions resurfaced over the weekend as the president unleashed a string of tweets calling Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe a “witch hunt.” That renewed concern that Trump might install a new attorney general who can fire Mueller.

The president has repeatedly and publicly berated Sessions for recusing himself from the Russia probe, saying he wouldn’t have appointed Sessions if he’d had known Sessions would step away from it.

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