Tragic Announcement About Trump Children

JUST IN: A sad announcement was just made about the Trump family that has millions of Americans praying for them.

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) took to Twitter and went on Fox News over the weekend to say that the entire Trump family is being put through Hell for no reason due to all of the investigations into the president.

[email protected] & family being investigated for winning election w/no evidence they committed any crime to win the election. Sick, crazy & wrong!” Zeldin wrote, according to The Gateway Pundit.

Zeldin doubled down on this during an appearance on Fox News alongside Rep. Ron DeSantis. Judge Jeanine Pirro told the two lawmakers that she is furious a special counsel is investigating Donald Trump while Barack Obama’s corrupt DOJ and FBI officials who misled a FISA court to spy on Trump’s team are freely walking around and still employed.

“While the president’s hand was on the Bible taking the oath of office the inaugural parade route was full of people calling for his impeachment right away…they’re putting the president and his family though hell with no evidence of any crime,” Zeldin said.

Earlier this year, Robert Mueller announced that he was investigating Ivanka Trump for simply saying hello to Russians in an elevator lobby. Donald Trump Jr. has been relentlessly harassed due to Adam Schiff leaking details of his closed-door House Intel testimony to CNN. It’s pathetic that Trump’s entire family is still being attacked in this witch hunt when there is absolutely no solid evidence against them.

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