NFL Legend Herschel Walker Risks It All to Stand Up for Trump – This Man is a Patriot!

Herschel Walker, the legendary Heisman trophy winning running back from the University of Georgia, had some harsh words for the mainstream media this week during an appearance on Fox and Friends, saying that he believes our President was getting a “raw deal” as a result of the extremely biased coverage he receives every day and that our Commander in Chief deserves much more respect than he is getting from the press.

“[W]e voted for him to be president, and because of that, we have to respect him as our president,” Walker told hosts during an interview Monday morning. The all-star athlete went on to say that he believes President Trump is a “great man and a great president,” and that he wishes more people were able to understand that. “The president is getting a raw deal,” he added, before saying he believes people were forgetting to respect the man currently in the Oval Office.

During his interview, Mr. Walker also pointed out that he and President Trump are actually good personal friends, and he reminded viewers that he had once actually worked for Trump back when the President owned the United States Football League, an alternative league to the now maligned NFL that ceased to exist back in 1986. “A lot of people don’t know I played for him in the USFL,” Walker said. “We’ve been friends ever since. We still work together on some things — well we did before he became the big man on campus, as you may say. And so tonight, I’m excited to see him.”

Walker also aired his grievances against the current NFL national anthem protestors and said that he has his own contest going on right now that seeks to honor first responders for their dedication and service to our country. He is also planning on giving away a truck to one lucky first responder and his or her family, provided that they register before the end of February.

And as for who he thinks will win the college football championship, “I think Georgia’s going to surprise a lot of people,” Walker said. “I think they’ve surprised people this whole year.”

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