JUST IN: Alabama Star Running Back Yells “F*ck Trump” — Instantly Regrets It!

On Monday night, President Donald Trump traveled to Atlanta to watch the championship college football game between Georgia and Alabama. As Alabama running back Bo Scarbrough took the field, he let his classless hatred for the president be known by screaming “f*** Trump!” It didn’t take long for this to come back to bite him in a huge way.

Freedom Daily reported that Scarbrough’s comment backfired for his entire team when he made all the headlines the next day. Instead of the team being praised in the press for winning the came, everyone was focused on what Scarbrough had to say, and internet users let him know that he had gone too far.

“When this team visits the President he should not be allowed to go to visit the President. I feel that both those guys number 9 and 45 should stay home with their mamas,” one comment read. “How dare you…..you are a disgrace to the college football league, but you will fit in well in the NFL. I hope one day this will come and bite you in the butt,” another angry fan wrote.

“It’s players like him that cause all the racial problems in our country. A disgrace to Dr. King’s dream,” another comment read.

The backlash made it clear that Alabama lost way more fans than they gained on Monday due to Scarbrough’s antics. The backlash got to be so bad that Scarbrough backtracked and claimed on Twitter that what he really said was “F— Georgia.”

However, the video makes it clear that he did indeed say “f*** Trump.” Nice try, Bo, but we have you on camera disrespecting the sitting president of the United States!

Though the mainstream media chose to focus on this one negative reaction to Trump at the game, most of the fans in attendance let their love for the president be known by cheering him as soon as he entered the stadium.

Right Wing News reported that when Trump confidently marched out onto the field with the Georgia ROTC flanking him, he was greeted with tens of thousands of cheers from the spectators in the stadium. Trump then stood for the national anthem as the camera panned to a military installation where the soldiers also stood at attention as the crowd roared in approval.

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