IT JUST HAPPENED, FOLKS – Let the Riots Begin!

Earlier this week, United States District Judge L. Scott Coogler shut down liberals when he rejected arguments by pro-illegal immigration and civil rights groups that asking for a photo ID to vote is racially discriminatory and racist.

Freedom Daily reported that the groups were making the argument that this requirement would deny equal protection under the law and that it violates the Voting Rights Act. Of course, they really just wanted to make it as easy as possible for illegal aliens to vote and commit voter fraud because they know most of them will vote Democrat.

Unfortunately for these liberals, however, Judge Coogler agreed with the state’s argument that it had important “regulatory interests” in passing the law, and that it was never intended to disenfranchise black or minority voters. The state of Alabama argued that the law was part of a national trend to combat voter fraud, increase voter confidence and modernize elections.

Coogler ruled that “even though Black and Latino registered voters are almost twice as likely as white voters to lack an acceptable photo ID, no one is prevented from voting.” He added that the state has made it easy to get an ID for voting purposes.

“The issue is not who has or does not have a photo ID at present,” Coogler wrote. “The issue is whether the Photo ID Law denies members of a minority group the opportunity to reasonably get one, assuming they want one.”

NPR reported that Coogler went on to say that “minorities do not have less opportunity to vote under Alabama Photo ID law because everyone has the same opportunity to obtain an ID.”

“The plaintiffs have simply failed to provide evidence that members of the protected class have less of an opportunity than others to participate in the political process,” Coogler wrote, citing rulings from the U.S. Supreme Court and the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that upheld similar voter ID laws in Indiana and Georgia.

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