During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised that as president, he would crack down on illegal immigration like no other president had before. He followed through with this promise big time in 2017, and this week, he showed that he fully intends to continue to do this in 2018.

Freedom Daily reported that on Tuesday night, 20 apartment buildings that double as so-called “Birth Hotels” were raided by government officials in the city of Los Angeles California. It turns out there is now a multi-million dollar industry in which Chinese women pay from $40,000 to $80,000 to come to the US to deliver their anchor babies. However, the ICE is trying to make sure this industry goes away as soon as possible.

Though none of the women were arrested during the raids, they are being treated as material witnesses for future prosecution of the ringleaders. Court documents make it clear that the ICE is going after the ringleaders rather than the women themselves, as the ringleaders are pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars tax-free to help Chinese nationals obtain visas and then pamper them until they deliver their babies at emergency rooms that are bound by law to care for anyone who comes in seeking medical attention.

A spokesperson for Homeland Security released a statement explaining that while coming to the U.S. to give birth is not illegal, coming here under false pretenses is, and that could be punishable by law.

“It’s not necessarily illegal to come here to have the baby, but if you lie about your reasons for coming here, that’s visa fraud,” said Claude Arnold, special agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigations for Los Angeles.

Officials said that agents raided 20 locations in Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino counties, targeting three competing birth tourism schemes. Chao Chen and Dong Li have been accused of running a scheme out of the Carlyle Hotel, using a website to drum up business by touting the benefits of a child with U.S. citizenship: 13 years of free education, low-cost college financial aid, less pollution, and a path for the entire family to emigrate when the child becomes an adult.

They gave their clients counseling on how obtain a tourist visa; how to fly through Hawaii, Las Vegas or Korea to avoid suspicious immigration officers at Los Angeles International Airport; and how to disguise their pregnancy in transit.

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