Federal Judge Just Issued a Game-Changing Ruling That Conservatives Are Cheering — And Left Hillary DEVASTATED!

On the heels of the disastrous special election in Alabama, there is a trickle of good news from the Yellowhammer state! A federal judge has just dashed liberal hopes for a sweeping reorganization of state politics by finally ruling on Alabama’s voter ID law.

Former Secretary of State “Crooked” Hillary Clinton and DNC lawyer Marc Elias have been trying to stop voter ID laws from taking effect across the country. Predictably, they filed a multitude of cases in the run-up to the 2016 election… Bankrolled by  billionaire George Soros, the goal was to increase the electorate by 10 million voters.

While the Alabama case wasn’t filed by Elias, one of the attorneys involved is in fact a Clinton campaign contributor. The suit was submitted on behalf of the Greater Birmingham Ministries and the Alabama State Conference of the NAACP.

They alleged the law discriminated against minorities and disenfranchised 280,000 voters. Clinton even publicly backed the lawsuit in 2015 and referred to it as a “blast from the Jim Crow past.”

From Free Beacon:

“For five decades, Alabama’s use of discriminatory voting schemes has necessitated repeated federal intervention,” the lawsuit read. “Now, Alabama again seeks to disfranchise thousands of African-American and Latino voters—all in the name of ‘curing’ a voter fraud problem that does not exist.

The judge, L. Scott Coogler, a George W. Bush appointee, tossed the case, stating there was no undue burden placed on anyone, that anyone can get an ID, it’s “so easy” and free of charge even.

The Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall praised the decision:

“The court order makes the point exceedingly clear… a person who does not have a photo ID is not prevented from voting if he or she can easily get one, and it is so easy to get a photo ID in Alabama, no one is prevented from voting.”

What Hillary Clinton and her minions at the DNC want is for illegal aliens to be able to vote. Of course, immigrants who are in this country illegally know that their only chance of hanging around long enough to collect welfare is the Democrats.

President Trump is not having any of that nonsense…

What do you think of the Alabama decision?