JUST IN: Barack and Michelle Obama Hit With Devastating Blow

During their time in the White House, Barack and Michelle Obama selfishly spent millions of our hard-earned tax dollars on funding their own lavish lifestyle. Now that they are out of office, the Obamas are continuing to insist on living extravagantly, and they are now being slammed even by liberals for their lavish presidential library plans.

Fox News reported that the planners of the Obama Presidential Center in Chicago are getting backlash for some less-than-lofty features in the sprawling complex. The plans state that there will be a presidential museum, but also a basketball court, possibly a room for yoga classes, and a test kitchen to teach visitors “about the full production cycle of nutritious food.”

The test kitchen is a reference to Michelle’s campaign for healthy eating and lifestyles. However, Chicago Tribune columnist Ron Grossman slammed the “test kitchen” idea as not worthy of the ideals and history for which the presidential center is supposed to stand.

“Mr. President, I’ve got to tell you: The renderings for your museum are ‘little plans,’ more likely to congeal than stir blood,” he wrote, adding that the problem is not the design, but the add-ons.

“What brought me up short was a space in the adjoining Forum building labeled ‘test kitchen.’ Presumably that reflects Michelle Obama’s war on junk food. The museum’s champions similarly suggest it could host yoga classes,” he wrote. “President Obama, is that how you want to be remembered? As the healthy-eating and meditation-advocating president? That’s not how I want the story to come down to my grandchildren’s children.”

Grossman encouraged the planners to focus on the “revolution” his election stood for, breaking through decades of racism and exclusion for black Americans.

Obama himself has described his plans for his presidential library as the place being “more like a campus,” with plans to position it as a “premier institution for training young people in leadership.” It shows just how self-centered he is that a simple presidential library is not enough for him.

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