BREAKING: Barack Hussein Obama Rocked By Major Arrest

Many of us have long suspected that Barack Hussein Obama committed many crimes during his presidency. That’s why it’s incredibly ironic that the owner of a gas station named after Obama was arrested on Tuesday for tax evasion.

Fox News reported that Murad A. Alhanik, the 39 year-old owner of the Obama Store and gas station in Columbia, S.C., has been charged with “four counts of sales tax evasion.” Between 2013 and 2016, South Carolina Department of Revenue said Alhanik filed $971,935 in sales tax returns. However, after a thorough investigation, the agency found the store’s sales was $2.6 million.

The department said that Alhanik dodged paying more than $136,000 in sales taxes during that four-year period. He was booked into Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center and is facing up to five years in prison along with fines nearing $10,000 if he’s convicted.

Alhanik renamed his gas station to honor the 44th president during Obama’s first term.

“I see more people come in,” Alhanik said then. “Excited with the name.”

In January of 2017, Alhanik told reporters that he would never change the name of the store despite Obama not being president anymore because “it’s still history.” It seems that just like his idol Obama, Alhanik thought the rules did not apply to him! Unfortunately for him, however, he just learned he was dead wrong.

This wasn’t the only bad news Obama received this week. He was also humiliated on live television when MSNBC host Joe Scarborough said, “Barack Obama wasn’t ready, in my opinion, to be president” and stated Obama was just “a glorified state senator” during a discussion on “Morning Joe.”

“There are so many great things personally about Barack Obama, even though so many of his policies drive me crazy,” the former GOP congressman continued. “But Barack Obama wasn’t ready, in my opinion, to be president. He was, as I said, a glorified state senator.”

“If Barack Obama stayed in the Senate for a term and actually learned the frustrations of Washington, he would have been a much better president, in my opinion,” he added.

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