Barack Hussein Obama is used to the black community worshipping the ground he walks on, especially in his adopted home city of Chicago, Illinois. That’s why it came as a huge surprise to him when Chicago’s black community turned on him this week over his controversial plans for building his Obama Presidential Center.

The Chicago Sun Times reported that black aldermen attempting to congratulate African-American contractors that won the right to help build the center in Jackson Park found themselves drowned out by protesters, many of whom were black themselves, demanding that Obama put it in writing. The clash was between black officials who are willing to take Obama at his word and black activists who have lost faith in the former president. These activists stormed the Black Caucus’s press conference demanding a “community benefits agreement.”

The protesters quickly drowned out the officials by shouting things like “C.B.A.” and “Shame.”

The protest was led by activist Jitu Brown, who used similar, in-your-face tactics during the drive that forced Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s hand-picked school board to save Dyett High School.

“We cannot take the president’s word on the fact that they’re not gonna push African-Americans out with the Obama Presidential Center. There is no history that says their word is worth anything,” Brown said. “What we need is an in-writing community benefits agreement that says that people who live in those communities will benefit — not in a profiteering way, but jobs, investment in neighborhood elementary schools, transportation infrastructure. That is not a lot to ask. In the case of the Staples Center in Los Angeles, it kept people in their communities.”

When asked why he was so sure Obama will break his promise, Brown held nothing back with his response.

“The situation will not be different because our African-American president endorsed school privatization — the closing of schools all across the United States. Our African-American aldermen have sat by while 50 schools closed in the city of Chicago. And it had a harmful effect on Chicago’s children,” Brown said. “Just because you are African-American does not mean that you walk with the values of people that live in those communities. We’re tired of people saying ‘I’m from the neighborhood.’ Who is your allegiance to?”

It seems that even race-baiters are now seeing through Obama’s nonsense! Obama is surely in panic mode, as he has been able to count on this demographic to support him for over a decade.

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